Nigerian Crossdresser, James Brown has shared an emotional post as he recently reunited with his sister whom he had not seen in the last five years.

According to James Brown, his sister, Grace was the only one who really understood him and was caring towards him in a family that didn’t get him.

The self-proclaimed Princess of Africa also revealed that they lost contact when his aunt threw him out of her and life became unbearable for Grace who made an attempt to search for him.

His post reads ;

Today is one of the most beautiful day of my life I got to meet my long lost sister,the only family member that understands my personality in a family that doesn’t understand me.

life was hard for me at that time nobody understands me @iamgraciousbrown showed me that she cares for me.

Sister that understands
Sister that cares
Sister that support your every move in life.
My long lost sister I miss you 😪 so much because I have been so lonely 😭 all by my self
@iamgraciousbrown I say I lost her because when my aunt threw me out of her home 🏡 she was so sad 😭 and was devastated and left home to look for me, when she couldn’t find me all by herself life became unbearable.
It been 5 years we saw last,may God bless you for the love ❤️ and support you have for me.
Pls my DURLINGS follow @iamgraciousbrown 🙏🙏🙏 God bless you for all the love and support.

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