Popular Nigerian businesswoman, Jaruma, has claimed that the alarming rate of divorce in Nigeria can only be linked to crossdressers, not Kanyamata.

Jaruma divorce

Kanyamata is a natural aphrodisiac for couples, which originated from the Northern part of Nigeria. The products has been a trending topic on social media as retailers now openly advertise and share client’s feedback of their potency.

This raised speculations that the use of Kanyamata by single ladies in Nigeria is the main cause of broken marriages.

Reacting to the claims, the “Kayanmata” merchant took to her Instagram page to share a video disclaimer about the issue.

She said,

“News was all over town that the high rate of divorce has been linked and traced to Kaynmata because single girls are now buying Kayanmata and now taking away married men from their wives.

There is only one Kayanmata, the original from the North. Have you ever heard me say we are taking away your hsubands away from you? Have you ever heard me say we are coming to take yiur husbands away?

Original Hausa Kayanmata from the North, we are home makers. We are not home breakers.

The high rate of divorce you are talking about can only be linked to crossdressers because crossdressers are the only ones who always say we are coming to take your husbands away.

Every single crossdresser in Nigeria, that is their motto.”

Watch the video below,

Shortly after Jaruma claimed that crossdressers are responsible for the high rate of divorce in Nigeria, popular cross dresser, James Brown reacted to her claims and dismissed it as false.

Jaruma divorce

James Brown took to his IG page to warn the “Jaruma queen” against spreading false assertions. According to him, any woman who feels crossdressers can snatch her husband should put him on a tight leash.

Watch the video he shared below..

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