Nigerian disc jockey and singer, DJ Cuppy, has responded to a netizen who expressed reservations about her partner, Ryan Taylor.

The Twitter user, identified as Ruth, has taken to micro-the blogging platform to share her opinion about Cuppy’s partner, stating that she doesn’t trust Ryan without going into detail.

“I don’t trust Dj Cuppy’s boyfriend,” she wrote.

Replying to the tweet, an unbothered Cuppy simply corrected the tweep that Ryan Taylor is her fiancé and not a boyfriend.

See their exchange below,

This comes after the disc jockey in an interview with Brunch with Amel, revealed that she got engaged to Ryan just two days after they met for the first time ever.

She noted that the engagement was fast, so they didn’t know much about each other until after they got engaged.

“I got engaged in November. Yes. After two days. Wow. He was like in Dubai, so I was like So where do you live? You get to know the person after. Yes. Because it was so quick.” She said.

In other news, a Nigerian man has taken to social media to share how his cousin was heartbroken by his fiancée a week before their wedding for getting a small house for them to live in.

The woman reportedly called off the nuptials, disregarding the fact that she and her partner had been dating for ten years.

Her fiancé brought her to the house, but she objected that it was too tiny for her and demanded a bigger one, threatening to call off the wedding if he would not comply.

The narrator tweeted;

“My cousin’s wedding has been called off after 10years of courtship, he took her there to see working progress and she said the house is too small for her, n if he’s not getting a bigger one they should just call if the wedding.

The wedding is supposed to be next week,in katsina cloths are ready furnitures have been sorted out by him, infact kawai daurin aure ake jira, she’s not interested she wants a bigger house so in short shikenan an gama.

They met in secondary school, but because of how life is dole you have to get something strong to hold you in life, fast forward to 2017 when I was in school I pushed him to just go to their house and make it formal since we are so familiar with the house.

They attend our family functions, like wise to tell you the strong bond we have, in the same 2017 we took, we took na gani Ina so money, which went well and we got accepted hannu bi biyu, for she has waited for him.

She lost her mom n they suggested that immediately after the marriage she’s going with their last born which is a baby, toh me I didn’t make any comment on that because it’s a huge step, then moving on to now when I n few others pushed him bro just do the needful, Because time is not of the essence, from the family they think he comes from definitely they are going to have a big wedding n a cool house, forgetting we are all managing/ surviving so right from the day he told her get got a house in a specific location where there.”

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