A South African lady, @uLelato, has revealed that she usually severe ties with her friends once they’ve been single for more than six months.

According to her, single friends have adverse effect on stable relationships, as they tend to be toxic as a result of being lonely.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote,

“Definitely! I cut off my friends when they’ve been single for more than 6 months.

Single friends tend to be toxic when you’re in a stable relationship & I don’t want that. If we’re gonna be friends then we should be on the same maturity level. Guys, if you’re in a stable relationship you really can’t be very close with single people. It’s impossible. They’re always so negative! They’ll always try to make you think there’s something wrong in your relationship because they want you to be like them.

“Single friends will even complain about you spending time with your partner & not them lol. Next thing they’re sending you paragraphs talking about “friend I think this guy is controlling you. It’s just jealousy. They hate that you have what they don’t. Stay away from such people”.

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