Dabota Lawson Defends Bleaching Her Skin (Photos)

On 23rd of March, 2016, former beauty queen, Dabota Lawson spoke up for the first time about accusations that she bleached her skin by engaging her fans on the topic. “Why are people pained when someone alters their own body,” the meme she posted read, “Is it your body, money or life?”

“Why all the aggression and hate towards another person because they choose to change something about themselves,” she continued, “What’s really the problem?”

Old Dabota
Old Dabota

A while back, the former beauty queen got into a messy social media fight with blogger SDK after the later accused her of bleaching. Now, Ms Lawson is boldly confronting that question on social media, though she dared followers to say something negative. “Simple answers only. Discuss and don’t be rude. I’ll block you in a second,” she said.

New Dabota
New Dabota

Well, while many of her fans accused critics of jealousy, some dared to say the contrary. See the reactions:







And here’s Dabota Lawson’s reply to all the comments:


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