Dabota Lawson missing phone

Ex-beauty Queen/wife of Billionaire, Dabota Lawson explained how she got her missing phone back, all thanks to a kind stranger in the United Kingdom.

The stunner wrote:

PART 1)They’re are still kind and genuine people out there. On A Saturday Morning at about 12:40am I realized my phone was missing.

Prior to that myself and my “precious sisters” ( yes that’s how we address each other in a deep Igbo accent ? ) went to the Cinema to see a movie ( that I didn’t even want to go and see?) Anyway we left for a 20mins journey ? and watched the movie that I didn’t really like ?? ( no one forced me , but I didn’t want to stay alone on a Friday night at home? ) .

Anyway moving forward we got back , I put my bag down , had a shower, plastered all my beauty treatment ready to sleep. It was also time to put my phone on silent and charge as usual till the morning.

Then I realized ???? My phone was missing .. ( oh my God the horror) I’m away from naija, all the way in london it’s been a month now, not backed up , nothing CHAIIII JESOSSSSS ..

We started calling until a man picked up and said “your phone was dropped off a few mins ago at the Acton police station”..omdz?? Wayment. I called a cab and rushed quickly to the station another 20 mins journey to the other side of town. Cut long story short ? I got my phone and saw this message in my DM ….. I still cannot get over this random act of kindness. I just can’t . If you critically analyze it especially in the world we live in today . It really touched my heart .

If someone who you call a friend or a lover is not treating with utmost respect and love, with people like this ( the kind hearted person who took my phone to the police station ) existing in the world???? Come on surely you can find better friends and real love . Surely There has to be more people like this in this world. Not everyone is out to get you.

And sometimes your enemy of yesterday can become a dear friend tomorrow. It’s not easy to trust people or open up after being hurt repeatedly . But It’s also important to not always play the victim card and understand that we all human beings and have our short comings and you too may have hurt someone in the past. Sometimes the terrible people we encounter are as a result of our poor choices.

Some people have even come to a place where they can’t heal

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