Popular OAP and media personality, Daddy Freeze is celebrating his baymama’s 40th birthday today.

In a public display of affection note, Daddy Freeze who separated from his wife and mother of two kids in an unpleasant way a few years back, wrote this for his now present lover and babymama ;

“My Queen, the First Lady of the #FreeNation in Christ, @tasebudzng the one who believed in me when NO ONE and I repeat no one did, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You picked me up from the gutters of depression, the quagmire of desolation and made me seek God and find my true calling.

Today, as God chose a humble man like me to lead nations out of slavery, he empowered me with tools. You are one of those tools.

I can’t preach if I don’t have a stable home or good food, I can’t teach God’s word if I am depressed, unhappy or lonely and as you have helped bring succor to my life and tranquility to my world, so will he who sent me on this errand bless you abundantly and empower you to continue being the angel that you have always been.

As you turn 40 today, may the light of the LORD never depart from your life, and may his grace remain upon you always, in Jesus name, AMEN! ~FRZ

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