Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane has shared a video of one of Davido’s’ boys, Black Tycoone, allegedly prostrating and apologizing to him.

It should be recalled that asides from outing Davido for allegedly owing him money, Krane had also alleged that the singer sent some of his boys to attack him.

The singer who issued a warning to people supporting the music label executive, said he wouldn’t have released Black Tycoone’s video if they didn’t try him.

Watch the video as you scroll,

A couple of days back, Dammy Krane accused Davido of allegedly sending boys to beat him up, days after calling him out on a debt he refused to pay.

Dammy Krane has been claiming that his industry colleague, Davido owes him money from a joint production and has demanded payment from Davido but has gotten no response from him.

Dammy took to Twitter to inform Police PRO Benjamin Hundeyin that Davido is putting his life in danger.

He stated that he had a video of Davido’s protégé, AB Kush attempting to break open the car door and assault him.

He shared a screenshot to back his claims and added that the attempted attack was caught on a security surveillance camera.

“Safety and security, @benhundeyin. This is a threat to life sir” he tweeted.

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