Juliet Ibrahim

Popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has advised men dating independent women to surprise them with things without being asked, because they will eventually do it themselves.

The elite actress’s advice is hinged on the fact that independent women are not used to men doing things for them, as they are accustomed to taking care of themselves.

Hence, the need for men to go out of their way to surprise their partners without them asking or waiting for them to ask.

The 34-year-old film producer took to Instagram to share stunning photos of herself and wrote,

“If you’re dating an independent female you just gotta do things for her without asking or waiting for her to ask because she’ll do it herself.”

See her post below,

Juliet Ibrahim

In other news, Juliet Ibrahim recently took to her YouTube channel to list out important things she cannot do without.

In her video, she revealed that as a single lady, she can’t live without her s*x toys.

According to her, it is a ”little buddy of hers” and as a single lady, it is a must have because it does the work and keeps her company.

Watch video here.


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