A young lady identified as Olivia Ollie has taken to social media to cry out after her Father, Livinus, was arrested unjustly and allegedly died shortly after he was released.

Olivia took to her Facebook page to tell the story and demand justice, read below ;

On 9th of June 2021, a certain Mr Yusuf Remilekun contacted Mr Livinus Onyekaba. He had said he wanted to sell off an old property somewhere in Lagos. After negotiation was made,they came to an agreement that Mr. Livinus will buy the properties inside the house after which the house will be demolished, all of these was documented and signed by both parties(The signed papers has been locked up in the site together with his tools). A transfer of 1million naira was made from Livinus Onyekaba to Mr Yusuf as payment for the properties inside the house(Proof of payment is available both in bank statements which can be made available on request and on debit alert screenshot)

On Thursday 10th June, the security personnel who works in the building granted Mr Livinus access to the building on the orders of his boss,to take out the properties he bought and commence demolition. It was when he was at work, “family members” came to arrest him and his co-workers. Under the accusations of trespassing private property. With the aid of the police and no witnesses to ascertain the claims of the family members as owners of the property, he was whisked away to okoko police station along side his coworker. 5 days into his arrest,he was transfer to Ikeja police station. Its been twelve days and no complainant has been identify, neither has the police been able disclosed any complainant who filed for the arrest of Mr Livinus Onyekaba. The seller,Mr Yusuf Remilekun has been on the run since 10th June.
After going back and forth, he was denied bail. The D.P.O of the Ikeja police station demanded the sum of 100k to be paid to track down Mr Yusuf. The money was paid on 29th June by the lawyer representing Mr Livinus. On same 29th June, the D.P.O billed his bail as 500k and demanded it to be paid within a stipulated time,else it would increase. The lawyer negotiated and it was reduced to 300k.

The 100k paid to track down Mr Yusuf has no feedback yet. Mr Yusuf hasn’t been found,neither was Mr Livinus released.
On 1st of July,he as released after paying the required bail. According to my family,he never opened his eyes or said a word on the ride from Ikeja to Ogun state where he was taken to the hospital. Below is the doctor’s report.

believe the Nigerian police ki.lled my father because the said complainants never showed their faces at the police station for once! The police acted on their own. They denied him access to his phones and atm card! They planned this all along! My father di.ed in their custody and they released his corpse on bail to my mother!
I want Justice for Livinus Paul Onyekaba !

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