Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo held a press conference with Davido’s alleged babymama and abandoned daughter, Michelle Adeleke.

Last week, it was revealed Michelle who will soon be five years old is sick and has dropped out of school.

Her mum, Ayotomide Labinjo said she slept with Davido twice in 2013, and is requesting for a new DNA test.They claim the previous paternity test was altered.

In the video, the little girl said her father is Davido. She even sang the song ”Assurance”.

Though Davido has two kids, he has since denied the paternity of this child.

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  1. Ayotomide Labinjo must be the biggest fool to ever exist on this planet, so she can’t fend for just a child, to watch and see her only child drop out of school, what happens to the empowerment being preached by our women leaders everyday,she can’t look for a job but she could spread her useless legs wide or anybody to get her pregnant, supposing davido wasn’t wealthy, so she would have trained her daughter up to be a proustite just like her, lazy bone, she should go and get a job to do. There are widows with more children than she has yet all the kids are graduates, why should a woman who is complete and has no deformity be so lazy to train up her only child in school, anyways am not surprised, that’s Yoruba’s for you, too lazy to work, always waiting for mama thank you.

  2. Davido Davido,,, OBO even if da baby is not urs please just try n be a father to her,, show her love, don’t forget children are always a blessing,,she might be the best among ur children,, show some love


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