Adetutu calls

Popular Nigerian tribal mark model, Adetutu Alabi, better known as Adetutu OJ, has claimed that she is still owed money by superstar singer, Davido.

Adetutu, who became an internet sensation because of her prominent tribal mark and was recognized by Rihanna in 2018, hinted that she is being owed for her appearance on Davido’s video for his hit song “woman”.

 Adetutu calls

However, she did not disclose the amount of money she is allegedly being owed by the singer.

“Davido is still owing me, I don’t care how many years the video is. He’s still owing me,” she wrote on Facebook.

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Her outburst comes days after Davido procured a “Timeless “diamond pendant, which reportedly cost more than 500 million naira.

The musician shared the moment the priceless jewelry was presented to him on his Instagram page.

The diamond pendant, which was kept in a safe box, was shown being brought out for the singer to test it on in a video Davido posted.

 Adetutu calls

The diamond pendant was created in recognition of Timeless, his multi-platinum album. It included an hour that was filled with tiny bits of diamond.

Davido stated that he had transformed sand into diamonds after being satisfied with what he had seen, which caused the audience to start laughing.

According to rumors, the jewelry cost a startling £500,000, which is equivalent to millions of Nigerian naira. Read here

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