Celebrated Nigerian singer, Davido‘s crew members are reported to have gotten into a physical fight at a club in Dubai.

According to reports, trouble bloomed when someone at the club brought out his phone to make a video recording of the singer and his crew members, which the singer didn’t find funny.

Despite several warnings, the clubgoer continued making the video which then later sparked an outburst. It was also reported that a number of people were injured before police arrived at the scene and made some arrests.

An eyewitness said,

This happened at a club in Dubai. Some patrons got to the club and ordered a lot of drinks. Davido got in and ordered just one Azul and Don Julio. Then these guys bought more drinks and brought out their phones to record. The club’s bouncer approached them and askd them to stop recording sating Davido didn’t like it. An argument ensued and a fight broke out between Davido’s crew and these patrons. One of the patrons collapsed after a bottle was planted on his head. The police intervened but some of the female club goers created a scene outside the club as they claimed Davido’s gathered men seized their phones for recording the fight.

Watch videos that captured some of the moments,

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