Deborah Enenche shares

Popular Abuja-based clergyman, Pastor Paul Eneche’s daughter, Deborah Enenche, took to Facebook on Sunday, December 11, to share lovely photos of a newlywed couple.

She said the couple tied the knot on Saturday, December 10, and came to the church for Sunday service. However, when her father saw them, he found the pair ‘interesting’ due to their height difference.

Deborah Enenche shares

According to Deborah, it’s amazing when God matches people with partners who genuinely love them for who they are.

“The cutest newlyweds in town. They got married yesterday and Dad noticed how interesting looking the pairing is. It’s so beautiful to see God pair people with those who truly love them for who they are,” she captioned the photos.

Deborah recently shared beautiful pre-wedding pictures with her fiancé, Sam Hawthorn Uloko.

She is set to tie the knot with Sam this month in Abuja. Sharing the pre-wedding photos on her Instagram page, Deborah introduced her soon-to-be husband.

According to her, they are both the same age; he’s a born-again Christian, a successful entrepreneur, and also from Idoma.

“Meet Sam ☺️🥹🥰 Not short for Samuel, Just Sam. He is born again. He’s my age. He’s Idoma too. He studied Economics. He’s a successful entrepreneur. He is a brilliant man. He has such a pristine heart 🤍 Mostly importantly, He knows and loves my Abba.

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