The authorities of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, and the parents of Don-Davis Archibong, a junior student of the school who had earlier accused some senior students and teachers of molestation and abuse in 2020, have agreed to an out of court settlement.

In a peace and reconciliation reception which was organized by the school in honour of Master Archibong on Friday, the lead counsel to Deeper Life High School, Taiwo Kupolati SAN, commended the High Court Judge, Ntong Ntong, who initiated the peace process.

“It is to the glory of God that after two conferences, both parties and individuals concerned; the school, and the children involved, came together to reconcile.

“We got a consent judgement that we will come together to unite the students and let them know it is better to live a united life as they are the future of this generation. Today is to celebrate, and affirm the principle of peace.

“I want us to know that as parents we must seek and boldly enforce peace because he who does not have peace is not entitled to good life.

“I thank Deborah Archibong so much for agreeing to have this matter resolved at no financial cost because of the future of the children. All the bad memories and negative publicity are gone”, said Kupolati, shortly after the reception party.

At the occasion, mother of Don Davis, Mrs Deborah Archibong, who spoke with newsmen shortly after a friendly football match organized in honour of her son, expressed Joy as all the children involved in the case were alive to witness the occasion.

She recalled that her son, Don-Davis was enrolled for his secondary education at Deeper Life High School because of the sound moral standard and discipline the school had been known for.

She said,

“I am honestly happy because all the children involved are alive and some parents watching us may be crying but I give God the glory. This is what the body of Christ is all about.

“For the parties that were involved which I am one of them, I would say we should all be on the learning side. We should learn to approach things quickly irrespective of who is involved.

“To be honest I am a business person and I know what it means for an organization to be dragged, especially when it is dragged wrongly. I will send an apology but before I do, I would like to say If they had taken it up as at when it was calm, it would not have gotten to this point.

“Taking it to the public brought us to where we are today. That drag was because nobody was giving me a listening ear. Don-Davis came to Deeper Life High school for discipline and high morals. And looking at the children in the school, you can see discipline in them.

“Let us forget that the devil came in, everything will be fine. The good news that I want to trend on social media is that I like the cooperation of teachers, the principal and every other person in the school. I see Christ in every one of them. I know that Deeper Life High school has come to stay”.

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