Nigerian man causes

A video of a Nigerian man expressing outrage after he was banned from a gym in the UK is currently circulating on social media.

The man was filmed confronting the gym manager after being informed that he had been permanently barred from using the facility.

He claimed that he had committed no offense worthy of a ban and accused the gym of depriving him of his basic human right.

“You cannot break me, you know why? I have God. I serve a living God. You are just denying me my human right here. You’re telling me you can’t serve me for no reason. I’ve done nothing wrong,” he is heard saying.

However, the woman filming the incident, mocked him and questioned why he was banned from the gym. She also hinted that the gym is not the first one to ban him.

“So they banned you at Pure Gym as well? That means there’s a reason”, she said with a strong Nigerian accent.

The man was enraged by her question and ordered her to leave him alone, as he continued complaining to the manager.

He explained that he pays 29 pounds monthly for the gym subscription so he doesn’t understand why he was told that he’s no longer allowed in the gym.

Again, the woman behind the camera asked why he was banned and this time, he flared up and told her to shut up.

Upon realizing that the conversation was getting no where, the frustrated man angrily picked his bags and left the facility.

Watch the clip below,

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