Nigerian actor, director, and politician, Desmond Elliot recently faced heavy backlash from netizens online over his comment in the House of Assembly where he called for a ‘change in narrative’ as regards the way some unruly behavior is displayed on social media.

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In the video, the Actor-turned-Lawmaker called on the youth to get into Government if they are tired.

He also seized the opportunity to plead with Nigerian celebrities, social media influencers and motivational speakers to “tune down on the hate narrative.”

He said the youth have a constitutional means to change government and it is called the ‘PVC’.

After facing heavy backlash by people online, the politician has now taken to his Twitter page to tender an apology saying he didn’t mean to be insensitive with his statement.

He wrote,

1. I have read your honest feedback & suggestions& I sincerely apologize for addressing the youth as “Children”

I did not mean to be insensitive with this, it was borne out of the magnitude of destruction & looting of businesses I witnessed when I went on a tour of my constituency

2. I saw women crying and my constituent members distraught as a result of the damages inflicted on their source of livelihood. I was moved by this while giving my submission on the floor of the House.

3. I allowed my emotions get the better of me and for this I apologize to everyone my earlier statements may have hurt.

4. Please, understand that even the best of us make mistakes. This is why, moving forward, I ask that we all try to engage constructively on the issues that affect all of us. I promise to do the same.

5. The pain that I feel for my constituents, the calls for assistance that I continue to get, and the need to mitigate against further destruction and violence will continue to drive my engagements and my work.

6. I thank you all for expressing your views, and in the future, I promise to be more conscious and aware.

Together, we will build a better Nigeria.



  1. I truly respect and adore your person in the past, but you just lost all that now, due to ur statement, and am sure millions of Nigerians will do same as I did. You are not a true representative of the youth, you are a disappointment to your fans, you are just for yourself, I believe this same social media was the tool that place you where u are today.

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