A Nigerian man has taken to the internet to share a video of himself making a dish of “concoction rice” and netizens have reacted to his cooking methods.

The video shows him trying to make the dish in the most unconventional way possible. He puts all of his raw animal protein into a pot of almost cooked rice with other ingredients, all at once.

Watch the video here;

This video has sparked a lot of reactions from netizens.

Read the reactions below ;

“Cooking is an art that doesn’t necessarily have to follow certain known methods as long as a desirable taste and attractive look is achieved. Y’all capping on this thread wouldn’t turn away that concoction; some of you even eat worse!”

“All this Yoruba English just to cook rubbish 😂”

“That doesn’t look safe for human consumption”

“Abeg, Shey the rice done or abi shey the meat done which one done among all?”

“Nothing done for that pot 😭… the entire pot should be at the T junction”

“He didn’t….. the fish isn’t…. The chicken is rawwwww, why did he cut the onions big big like that????
e no rinse the crayfish???

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