Oh! You can’t tell me you’ve forgotten the goldsmith so quickly?! When they were both dating, we certainly couldn’t get enough of them… but then came Mr X, the mystery man who not only put a ring on her finger but also put a baby in her!!

Well, it was all over social media, when the actress showed off the exotic gifts her husband presented to her, and there has been nothing but envy for the actress as the gift is one too exotic in this hard recession times.

Someone who seems not so envious but rather boastful is her ex, Malivelihood, who subtly shaded her on his Snapchat… Hours ago, he flaunted off some gold chains and watches and captioned one which was worn by a girl with:

“Her wristwatch can easily buy your Lexus car. Twice!!! $129,000”

Now we are not sure who he girl is but last we checked he was dating Deola Smart, the daughter of a Kogi district senator.

See his snapshots below:








  1. Na wah oh.u dated and refused to marry her,sm1 else did and he’s taking good Kia of her by spoiling her with good stuffs and u are now sayin rubbish out of jealousy….useless man!

  2. Brosss
    So that Gold rolex watch yhu talkinq about couldnt tell yhu its TIME to mary that ur girlfriend??

    Please use the watch and watch ur life bcos the people doing u and ur career are not far from ijebu ode shrine

  3. And so? Why didn’t you post your so called girlfriends watch why now that she was honoured by her husband. The money was used for something useful ‘CAR’ not watch, who notices the cost of the so-called watch when it’s worn, if it was that costly why haven’t we heard about it that your……… wears a watch that will show us how the other room is or where it is located. Mtchew some rich guys need to grow up seriously.

  4. Her husband bout her,you bout galfrd..in many way she’s beta ran you bcs she lft u as a used toll nd settled wif sm1 beta..dat galfrd ll soon live you for sm1 beta.pple are shoutin my wife,my hubby..you dey mumu urslf dey do galfrd.

  5. who that watch don help?, if it can not predict the real date of judgment day, it’s useless to me.so that guy can be this jealous, and he allows another man to mary her, let him wait until he buys her private jet then he should come on social media and display his highest level of jealousy!

  6. So fucking what? Jealousy will kill you, are you angry that she is happy in her marriage and you are still doing boyfriend and girlfriend, go get a life, moreover your girlfriend’s hand looks irritating, spend the money on her cream and soap, so that she go near Tonto skin small, idiot

  7. Vanity upon vanity! Why don’t u help d poor , motherless,? Reach out to life’s dat needs help because God can not come from heaven to help dem he will still pass through me n u to do dat. My little advice

  8. Will the watch tell me the time Jesus is coming again like this guy is mad or is his village pple doing him ni nd pls Hw old is he dat he is say gfrnd is he still 25 or wat cos I can’t understand

  9. what makes you think u r a supper hero, just buying wrist watch? you r a fool.your mates are buying wedding rings and u are busy buying wrist watch.u can go and die, who cares? Tonto is happy with her husband u can go and hug transformer straight from bathroom

  10. Infact i never see guy wey mumu like dis guy o. How r we even sure u can buy such for girlfriend…. some useless guyz can make mouth in public. If u r good enof for her she wl not drop u for another guys… No matter wat u buy for ur girlfriend is non of TONTO DIKE problem cos she is happily marrie so feel free to go n kill urself if u r not happy. He goat . Useless guy wt ur TOOTHPICK PENIS.


  12. Nawa oh…ppl re unbelievable. How could ppl believe that he could say such??hmm as for Tonto or whom ever posted this. If ur wrist watch na 60m, how much does ur living huz worth?? Just wondering…

  13. 60m wrist watch?….oouch!hw many houses hv yhu built for yhur parents in villa(mah dear yhu brain hs bin used for rituals)
    D bae z happy married and receives lots of gifts from her hubby…..yhu can go bd die!!!! Bad belle

    • Why do u pple talk like this??
      How do you think the parents of som1 who can afford a 6omillion watch for his girl frend will be living in a rented apartment is it possible???
      Can that b a talk of som1 who has a brain

  14. And you think you are rich? No man is as poor as a waster…no wonder u lost Tonto.soon you will post that the plane you bought for your gf is more expensive than the wrist watch you got for ur ex.when dem chop u finish dem become ex….keep doing the father xmasing.

  15. Lol I think he’s still in love with Tonto jealousy going to kill u ooo , if tonto husband didn’t even buy her any car and he was poor she will still love her marriage , marriage is a blessing from God ,if u are that rich get married and stop all that BS

  16. Mr wrist watch, u r time waster leave Tonto alone go and settle ur home, u r big to hv ur Onw family, by saying all dis show u still love her stop jealousy n look for ur onw right woman,………… Pls Dear God Bless Tonto to do more for her hubby,………. N let mr wrist watch keeep buying wrist watch, foolish man olodo.

  17. Your GF watch can buy your Ex-Girl LEXUS Machine Car twice’ SHORO Ni’yen shaaa ‘ I was thinking you will start with like My Wife’s watch not your Girlfriend’s ‘ because that same Girlfriend you got that watch can end up to be your Ex with the way looking of your attitude on social media’ you sound like a waster & a boy play ‘ & again you putting on that watch not even your girlfriend from those pictures you showed us ‘. even if u dyke her hot sweet pot many times as possible then ‘ the fact & record shows today that (TONTO DIKEH) she is a Married Family woman with her Husband a Baby & a Brand New LEXUS car from her Husband not her Boyfriend ‘ even if Nigerians has to be facing recession today’ may GOD help Us & Our Country in Jesus Name. It so painful you can’t dyke her again’ it happens when you can’t dyke your Ex-woman again & she end up with another good Gentleman who believe in her more than you’ ” young Man what is troubling you.??? did she left or you mess up the relationship between you two with your Ego ???? ‘ I see envy & hatred from your side’ you sound like someone who lack respect & a pathetic fool for a Woman ‘ u must be an EGOMANIAC & a high TEMPER ‘ flattering your GOLD Chains on scale showing the weight or showing your wrist watch claiming it’s your GF doesn’t show any sign of respect from you even if she (TONTO DIKEH)happened to be your Ex ‘ you should wish her well with her Marriage’ it’s not an easy task to get a good Man or Woman/Marriage/Home to settle with’ we all got Exs & past too’. Play like a complete Gentleman here not some kind of boys play. TONTO DIKEH Cheers up’ wish you well sweetheart. GOD bless you

  18. He is just being childish, what he said about buying his girlfriend a wrist watch of N60m shows he is still a baby boy and not a real man, if he is man enough he would not compare Tonto’s gift with his girlfriend’s wrist watch, jealousy and yeye dey worry ham. Tonto am happy for you jareh, enjoy your man.

  19. What let me make this point clear when he was dating Tonto he never saw any good potential in her because he might be listening to all the gossip people are saying about her thereby keeping her for the use of other rooms. And Tonto on her own was busy looking for a way out because she must have observed that the young man only need her for the use of other rooms. And Churchill who saw the qualities and potentials in Tonto despite all what people are saying about Tonto. was busy planning his life on how to make her his wife and when Churchill grab this opportunity he sized it for good. And before malivelihood could know what is happening he has already been served with I. V and upon that he never take it serious thinking that their marriage will be like nollyhood marriage but he got the shock of his life when Churchill started showing the world what his wife means to him to the extent of expensive gifts. And the young man is now regretting and he is now seeing this potential he did not see than. Tonto always shows her husband and Mr malivelihood is showing the hand of his girlfriend why not show her full. Let me end it all 2hundered naira weeding ring sold by aboki is worth than that watch

  20. She is blessed already…. Whether 60m or 41m the most important thing their is she is married and the husband loves her a lot…….. So go marry ur own and stop pock nosing k……. And as am seeing that wrist watch na from Aba u go buy am……. So stop lifting urself up k…… She pass u for everything guy…..

  21. Manuel d different between ur N60m and Tonto Dikeh N41m is that is her husband that bought the car not boyfriend but yours is for a girlfriend u might end up not marrying, pls next time don’t mock urself

  22. 1)before na iPhone 7
    the idiot was trying to endure the felling of jealousy
    2)2 Lexus
    the idiot is lamenting with wristwatch of 6o million,to show how frustrated he is becoming
    3)very soon Churchill will buy her a private jet
    then the idiot burial will be announced,cos by then he might have taken otapiapia out of jealously and envy!!!

  23. na Jealousy dey kill that guy..he’s obviously angry that tonto is finally married with a wonderful baby and a loving and caring Husband ..and he’s still childishly dating around …MuMu

  24. Dikeh you see, that is why it is good to stick with one guy. Message for the singles, stay with guy like me who knows God and can define him. Than dis dude with ugly name jealous of your stuff bought for you by an innocent good looking guy who do the right thing at the right time. Much love and respect Churchill

  25. I love this guy. Na man you be, hah everytime post of tonto diken my husband bought me this and that cost millions of naira, she should keep her affair with her husband close n secret. Abi na her husband rich pass or care pass, hissss

  26. Tonto. Dont mind any body jst dey enjoy ur marriage and ur lovely gift(son) God gave u to made i proudly mother which some cant have. Some people cant understand that there is stages in this life. Marriage life is diff 4rm single. So baby girl even if the jeep is scrab as far as ur husband bought it with love and respect it worth more than any tin. He is jst regretting and no way to hav u back. He is the losser.

  27. Fool grow up. Churchill is a real man and u are a loser. Red eye monster go and get married stop fooling around, but come to think of it which girl will want to settle down with a loser. Malivelihood aka loser. Churchill winner. My dear churchill keep spoiling your Ada Ada with love and more gift.

  28. They even Called him a Goldsmith ‘ you better quickly marry that your so called Girlfriend before she leave you with your EGOMANIAC attitude to another Complete Caring Gentleman that cherish future Woman that will buy her a LEXUS car 2019 for 180Million ‘ May GOD help us ‘ we just dey hear Big Big Money for this recession time & you go dey compare am with your Gold shoes or another Watch again Mr Goldsmith . And stop flattering wrist watch & Chains on social media’. Stop that boy’s play ‘ real men don’t play with beautiful women. Wish her Marriage well & send her a Word of spiritual sweet healing ‘ she can even appreciate the past time you guys spent together ‘ whether good or bad time through your word of healing. She is doing real fine & happy ‘ so mate try to be happy too & quickly get that Girlfriend of yours to the Altar’ stop wasting Money on Luxuries’ many Orphans need little from that Money to feed & you can check your Faith with Orphanage homes with your cash. ‘ happy for you TONTO DIKEH. Cheers up

  29. A fool at 40 is a fool 4 ever if u know u r really proud of ur so call girlfriend y dnt u show her off 2 d public wit d end tym wristwatch u bought 4 her, in short my guy go nd hug life wire or u kiss d transformer. Gerrara here men

  30. Una know whether na Tonto leave the bf when he probably had nothing or perhaps his business was failing? Now the winsh left and his business thrived … As much as I don’t support this guy’s “noise” about wealth, I still like being pragmatic and looking at issues from 2 possible angles. By and large tho, the Ex acted childish. Tonto go leave dis her current if he no get sustainable income. Wish them well.

  31. Mr X . Even dat ur girl friend will prefer dat lexus car dan d watch. Or better still use d money of d watch to marry ur girlfriend and she will be happy . But if u doubt me . Ask ur Girl Friend ?

  32. pls what’s the different between this 60m wort of wrist watch and that of 600 hundred naira? the watch didn’t tell him the time tonto will get married to another man,what a shame!!!

  33. Is the show off necessary, you can only flaunt girlfriends the other lady is settled, and you are pained. If she were married to a pauper you would have been celebrating on the streets. She is happy with her husband, if you think it’s easy, go and marry.

  34. Y all Dis madness,, in d fb,buy watches, cars and all Dis is achievement, I wonder d kind of d world we are. If ur rich and have too much pls enrich other people life,impart in d life of people. Who will miss u or remember u when u die,to me what should matter to us is our salvation and have a quality relationship with God, be d reason y people laugh,good things are good but should not be a topic biko

  35. See beafing o, marry her u no gree marry her, u fuck am finish live am, now one clean bobo Wifey her tk gud care of her more Dan u n u re der comparing a wife to a mere gfrnd u wil still dumb? U don’t even kno u re endangering d life of ur gfrnd by saying d worth of dt wrist watch, wen jeep pass n watch pass who dey go see? They dey find turkey for soup kpomo dey show face…..who watch EPP?

  36. Nawa o but am still saying this,this should be as a lesson to some guy’s perhaps d guy was thinking Tonto won’t be a wife material as dey normally say but here she is but let me ask if Tonto Hubby com buy am something more than this na which of him girlfriend property he go use compare abi na Brazilian hair or hand bag hmmm jealously jealopa


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