A heartwarming video making the rounds online has captured a satisfied bride tearfully praying for her fashion designer for delivering her dream wedding outfit.

The bride, who’s presumed to have experienced a number of “what I ordered versus what I got” scenarios in the past, broke down in tears when the designer she had contacted for her wedding dress delivered exactly what she ordered.

“Oh my God, this is exactly what I wanted. Unique. Fatima you will not know lack. You will not know disappointment. You will not know want. Children, God will give you. God will bless you. God will bless you for me”, she said amid sobs.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian teacher has taken to Facebook to share how he was mocked by his friend because he cooked for his girlfriend.

The man identified as Peter Thomas said his friend called him a slave because he prepared a meal for his woman and he was wondering if he had done anything wrong.

“My girlfriend visited me and I cooked for her. My friend mocked me that I am a slave to her. Is it true?” he asked in a Facebook group.

A while back, a Nigerian man cried out on social media after his fiancée called off their engagement over a comment he left on another lady’s photo on Facebook.

The young man simply identified as Ade, who shared his predicament on a Facebook group on Tuesday, November 22, said he had done nothing more than praise the woman’s appearance.

He said he only told her that she was looking beautiful, but the comment didn’t sit well with his partner.

He claimed his fiancée, who was infuriated by the comment, broke off their engagement as a result.

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