Mixed reactions have trailed a viral video of a rich wedding guest spraying money on a couple in a quite unusual manner.

In the viral video, a man wearing a white agbaba and a traditional Igbo chief cap and beads to match approached the couple where they were sitting to spray them with money.

However, rather than move closer to the couple, he stood at a distance and tossed the bundle of cash at them.

His action triggered varying reactions; while some condemned it as being disrespectful, others saw nothing wrong with it and thought it was just a show of wealth.

Reacting, an Instagram user @hiis_eminence wrote, “A disrespectful way to make someone happy.”

@philldellayve, “The undertone arrogance as he prays them is almost ruining the essence of the spraying. Spray people money with respect and it will have more WEIGHT and beautify it even if it wasn’t a lot.”

@neo_officiall_, “Why can’t this man just maybe make a transfer to the couple, give them the briefcase openly, give them a cheque or just give them this money after the event, why do these kids in adult bodies with very fragile ego and low self esteem prefer to do this just to place all the attention on themselves?. Why exactly do people do this?. Its clear to see the couple were uncomfortable with it. Smh.”

Watch the video below,

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