Dancer, Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, Justin Dean, has seemingly thrown a jab at her after she took to social media to celebrate their divorce.

Recall that Korra took to Facebook to rejoice after emerging victorious in her divorce battle with Dean and gained custody of their children.

Korra made a video after returning home from court to update her fans on Friday, November 18, 2022. Although she stated that she couldn’t share anything about the case because most of it is classified, she acknowledged that she had won. Read here.

In an apparent reaction, Korra’s ex-husband, Dean, who had announced he was getting a divorce from her a few days after the birth of their second child, Athena, in March, has now gone online to state that divorce is a “failure” and not something to celebrate.

He also insinuated that Korra lacked the skills to keep a marriage together and promised to raise his girls differently.

“I will raise my daughters in such a way that they have the skills necessary to maintain a marriage… Because marriage is work. It’s not something that you go in thinking, ‘Oh, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just get divorced. I’ll just move on to the next thing in life’. If you have that kind of mentality it’s almost more like a transaction. It’s like this person is going to elevate me in one way in life and when it no longer works I’ll just divorce them and do it again.” He said.

Watch him speak below,

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