In some parts of the world, there’s been news that toilet paper has become a scarce commodity as people rush to het them cause they see it as one of the health-coping mechanisms for Covid-19.

Well, the hike in the demand for toilet paper has people stocking up a lot of the product in their houses and as such, having excess of it… this situation is peculiar to a lot of people who panic bought the tissue paper and so what to do with the excess is what coulda potentially sprung up the #toiletpaperchallenge.

In a series of videos online, celebrities and netizens are seen making videos of themselves juggling toilet paper as they would juggle a soccer ball… the least raises to do is 10 concurrent ones and the challenge is quite viral on the internet.

Nigerian DJ and singer, DJ Cuppy has now, also taken part in the challenge and we’re quite impressed with her juggling skills with a toilet paper.

She shared the video on her IG page calling herself a ‘baller’ and fans and followers are having a field day watching her ‘ball’.

Watch the video below,



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