Nigerian celebrity Chef, Abeni has revealed what women should do if their husbands decide to abandon the family without notice.

Recall that a Twitter user identified as @Polo_kimani asked married men if they had ever thought of abandoning their family and disappearing into thin air and many confessed that they had not only thought about it but done it.

While other netizens were shocked by this revelation, a user identified as Anna shared that it wasn’t surprising because she had seen such but the man came back.

She wrote;
“Men upping and leaving isn’t new at all. My aunt’s husband left and casually came back after 8 years lmao.”

Reacting to this, Abeni advised women to hold funerals and announce that the husband was dead so he would not be able to come back whenever he changed his mind.

She wrote;

“Came back to where? This is why I say you must hold a funeral, so when he comes back everybody in the area will scream ‘akudaya’
He won’t even reach the front of your door. By the time people are screaming in horror and pointing at him shouting ‘oku’ ‘akudaya’, he will go back to where he’s coming from
Do funeral, post obituary everywhere.
Ani ri esu o.”

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