Former presidential aide and author, Reno Omokri has stated the greatest red flag any relationship can have with single people.

He shared this via his Twitter handle on Wednesday, December 14 advising single people to never forget the past of any person they plan to enter into a relationship with.

According to him, there was no wisdom in ignoring a person’s past in the name of love.

He tweeted;

“Dear singles,
Forget about my past!
That is the greatest red flag in any relationship. Before you wore what you wore today, you checked it. And you want to marry someone without checking their past? If you fall for that, you are not in love. You are on stupid!”

See his tweet here;

A while back, Reno Omokri averred that there’s no Nigerian that needs more than N100k cash weekly.

He stated this via his Twitter handle on Thursday, December 8, while speaking in support of the newly imposed cash withdrawal limit by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Recall that CBN restricted the cash withdrawal limit over-the-counter (OTC) to a maximum of N100,000 cash per week for individuals and N500,000 cash per week for corporate bodies.

The policy was, however, met with mixed reactions as some people criticized it, while others spoke in favour of it.

Reacting to the criticisms, Reno asserted that the outrage is baseless because there’s no Nigerian that needs more than N100k cash weekly.

According to him, other than paying for transport fare and shopping for groceries, every other transaction can be done cashless.

He tweeted;

“There is no Nigerian that needs more than ?100k cash weekly. Other than paying bus conductor or buying groceries, everything can be done cashless. It is kidnappers, bandits and sexual bandits (urgent 2k girls) who are fighting this policy using political godfathers”

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