doctor narrates

A medical doctor has narrated his desperate attempt to save a woman and her child after she rejected CS because her church made her believe it’s demonic.

The medical personnel with twitter handle @Sports_Doctor2, explained that the woman had been in labour for two days but still refused to undergo cesarean section.

According to him, she was taken to her church where she was prayed for but had to be rushed back to the hospital at the point to death.

An emergency cesarean section had to be conducted and prior examination revealed that the woman had Cephalon Pelvic Disproportion and no amount of prayers or anointing oil could have helped the woman deliver the baby.

The doctor said the baby was ‘almost’ dead when it was brought out, but the nurse on duty refused to give up and employed every means to resuscitate the baby, who eventually gave a loud cry after 45 minutes.

Fortunately, the mother and her baby survived the terrible ordeal. The doctor went on to advise intending mothers to rebuke the counsel of any pastor that tells them C/S is demonic.

See his tweets below,

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