A pregnant woman was left unattended by the man responsible for her pregnancy, her husband, and her family members.

Medical doctor, @eqraaam shares his experience with a patient in labor whose husband refused to show up and approve her treatment because he was too busy getting married to another woman.

“This man’s wife is currently in Labour we tried calling this man because the woman came empty handed, this man is telling us he is preparing for his wedding tomorrow. At the moment he can’t do anything we should send her back, she should deliver at home.

Be wicked to men please.

We just have to send her back as he said .. I’m out of words to be honest .. he is even arrogantly tell us send her back .. This first time I’m experiencing such heartless act. Wlh I’m heart broken 😔” he tweeted

A nurse @amarteyaeesha1 replied “Some experiences you’d have in the hospital would just leave you speechless sometimes I end up thinking do these men have a heart at all like who does such a thing to his own wife fa 🤦‍♀️”

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