Doctor reveals

A Nigerian doctor has revealed what he did after a female patient refused to disclose her health condition to him because she wanted a female doctor.

The doctor with Twitter handle @maxvayshia took to the microblogging platform to reveal that the lady came in for consultation, but refused to tell him her complaint because she was expecting to see a female doctor.

According to @maxvayshia, instead of encouraging her to open up to him, he simply turned her away and told her to come back when a female doctor will be available which is in over a month’s time.

“This girl walked into my consultation room and refused to say what her presenting complaint was cos “She expected to see a female Doctor”. Didn’t even bother encouraging her. Told her to come back when a female Doctor will be on seat (February 18th). I don’t have time,” he tweeted.

The post has sparked a debate among medical practitioners on Twitter who shared their opinions on the incident.

While some doctors supported his action, others bashed him for the way he handled the situation.

They argued that he should have done everything within his power to make the lady comfortable enough to speak up, and if she still insists on seeing a female doctor, then it’s fine.

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