Diamond Thief

A female thief who reportedly swallowed a $277k diamond she stole from a jewel fair was busted thanks to an X-ray scan.

39 year old Jiang Xulian, to the Thai police immediately after her crime was exposed by the scan, which showed the jewel lodged in her large intestine.

Cops took her to hospital to get the six-carat diamond out in a procedure using pliers. Jiang and her accomplice Hae Ying, 34, switched a fake diamond for the real thing when they inspected it at the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair.

According to the Bankok Post, the vendor went to police, who used CCTV footage to track the pair down. They claimed they were tourists and were about to return home, but police asked them to have an X-ray, and their scam was exposed. Jiang was taken to the hospital because she refused to eat and would only drink water.



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