A domestic staff has reportedly attacked his employer in his home and brutally hacked his head with an axe.

One of the daughters of the victim, identified as @OBlezzings, took to Twitter to share the horrid incident on Tuesday, May 31.

According to her, the domestic staff mercilessly hacked her elderly father on his head and left him to die but thankfully, he survived the attack.

She shared photos of the injury and wrote,

“I have been offline since on Thursday last week because I had an unfortunate emergency. My father was attacked in his home by one of his domestic staff with an axe on his head in several places. They actually called us for ransom and they thought he was dead but God spared his life. I am very grateful for his recovery and I am very tired right now as I just got back home since last week, as I had to spend every night with him at the hospital. I am putting this out here so that you won’t all feel that I ignored your messages, I value you all.”

See the photos below,


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