Donald N Kanye

Hollywood billionaire, Donald Trump spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about Kanye West’s announcement of running for the 2020 presidential campaign at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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He said to the publication:

“I was actually watching,” the 2016 presidential candidate says, “I saw him do it. And I said, ‘That’s very interesting. I wonder who gave him that idea.'”He’s actually a different kind of a person than people think,” he says. “He’s a nice guy. I hope to run against him some day.”

The billionaire also revealed in a press conference that Kanye West loves him:

He goes around saying Trump is my all-time hero,’He says it to everybody.I’ve been a counter-puncher,’ ‘I only hit people when they hit me and Kanye West has been so great I would never say bad about him because he’s never said not nice things about me.’

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