Ashmusy shares

Nigerian content creator, Amarachi Amusi, better known as Ashmusy, has sparked mixed reactions on social media after she took down all her Instagram posts.

She also shared a cryptic message on her Instagram story, declaring that she is “done”. However, it is currently not clear what she meant.

This comes a few days after she was dragged to filth online for saying she earns between the range of N5-65 million monthly, and any man who is interested in her must surpass her income level.

Ashmusy shares

Following the criticisms she received, the influencer has now deleted all her IG posts and removed her profile picture.

She also shared a posts that reads, “I’m done”.

See her page below,

Her recent move has stirred mixed reactions online, with many expressing genuine concern about her mental wellbeing while others asserted that she is chasing clout.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@wizzyesq wrote, “That girl live and breathe c!out and lie.”

@maryvenia wrote, “She just wan use this means thread. Nigerians y’all should allow her be na, she has the money hence she set her standards, if you no meet up to hers… you can come to us, our own no too much … 30 Naira😂”

@uchi101 wrote, “She’s done with clout or lies?
I have never seen a sensible person that comes in that her size.
Nwunye Goliath size 47”

@wholesaleshub97 wrote, “The comment section can drive one to su!c!de. People have lost empathy 😢”

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