Popular Nigerian social media commentator, Daniel Regha has shared a piece of advice to Nigerians via his page on X (Twitter) following the increase in price of pure water.

Daniel advised that people should desist from asking for more than one pure water when they visit their friends or colleagues.

According to Daniel, the amount of one sachet of water now costs around N50, double the price it was before.

He urged Nigerians to behave themselves when visiting their friends and refrain from asking for more than one water.

His tweet read;

“Pls listen, don’t ask for more than one sachet of pure water in someone’s house or shop; It’s OK to be thirsty, but if someone gives u one sachet, drink, comport urself & move on. If u need more, go buy outside or wait till u get home. A sachet of pure water now is N50, u can’t be making demands.”

The majority however agreed with him, considering the price the product is been sold for in their vicinity, while others disagreed.

Below are some of the comments,

@falaqamin:  This is basic self-respect only a few can relate. Even when they serve you it’s not everything you should take. If possible don’t ask for even water

@ossaivictor_1:  Everybody should carry water bottle just like you’re doing please. Nobody should ask me if water biko

@Haziaf_halan:  Don’t expect to get food when visiting, if you are given water and chin chin manage it

@DeeRubies:  Water is life.. Don’t be stingy with it.. If you have the capacity, give them more

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