A Nigerian preacher, Debo Adeleye, has advised singles never to marry for sexual pleasure.

The clergyman, while preaching in his church, recently said the greatest mistake one can make is to marry only for sexual pleasure. He noted that people who settle down only for the sex, would eventually get tired and then realize there’s more to marriage than sex.

Watch him speak below,

In other news, Smith Akom Takema, a Senior Special Assistant to the Benue State Governor, has revealed an important duty a good husband must perform in marriage.

According to Mr. Takema, said that lack of sexual satisfaction is one of the common causes of marital problems.

The married father advised couples to court properly and ask honest questions before marriage because it is ungodly to marry a woman and not satisfy her sexually.

His Facebook post reads,

“It’s ungodly for you to marry a woman and not be giving her enough sex. Sex is created by God to be enjoyed, they are women who are not sex freaks and can go without it for months without minding, but they are some who can’t stand without sex for a week. This are things we ought to know during courtship but Christianity has put a ban for sex before marriage.”

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