DPO asked

A Nigerian man on Tuesday night raised alarm after he was almost detained at the Ifo Police Station for reporting his father who allegedly assaulted his mother.

The forensic biologist, identified as Oladimeji (@laditwits) on Twitter, said his mother has been a victim of domestic violence for 32 years and he reported him to Ogun welfare who in turn invited his father for questioning but he did not honour the invitation.

 DPO asked

He and his brother then went to a police station in Ifo local government area of Ogun state to report his father but the DPO turned against them and ordered that they should be taken into custody.

Oladimeji, who was scared for his life, took to Twitter to seek help and pleaded with Nigerians to come to their aid.

Tweeting from the police station, he wrote,

“We are at the station to report domestic violence against my mother and the DpO of the Ifo police station has asked them to detain us. My brother and I.

My mom has been a victim of domestic violence for 32 years of marriage

We took the case to ogun state welfare and they invited him to talk, he refused to go

He beat my mom best me.

Please help, I’m about to be detained with my brother.

“I’m shaking.”

In a later update, he and his brother were eventually released after some well-meaning Nigerians intervened.

Read his tweets below,

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