A theatre art student of the Ekiti State University (EKSU) has stirred reactions from netizens after being allegedly possessed by the spirit of the Sango deity being portrayed in an act.

A video posted online captured the moment a student acting as a deity lost control during a play in the school’s auditorium and had to be escorted out.

The EKSU student appeared powerless to halt Sango’s demonstration and was dragged away by strong guys who struggled as they did so.

The video was captured;

“See how Sangos spirit showed up today during obakoso performance by theatre arts students Ekiti State.”

Reacting to the video, an Instagram user commented; “When you tell this same people that this evil spirits are imbeded in this nonsense replays of demons calling themselves gods they laugh at you. The Spirit realm is real and this so called gods are demons there is only one God the Father his name is JESUS CHRIST”

Watch the video below,

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