Vehicle inspection service (VIS) officers have been captured on video driving in Lagos without seatbelts.

The viral video showed the moment a Lagosian approached the officers notorious for enforcing state law on vehicles that violate traffic laws.

The young man quizzed the officer driving a patrol van over his reasons for shunning the same traffic law for which he arrests other road users.

The VIS officer, on the other hand, made a justification about how he and his colleagues were on a special operation that prohibited them from wearing seat belts.

Watch the video here;

In other news, a viral video of a young lady crying profusely while singing superstar singer, Burna Boy’s hit track, “Last Last,” at his concert has caused a stir online.

The young lady had shared a video of herself looking stunning with her makeup on point before Burna took the stage.

However, the moment the self-styled giant of Africa mounted the stage and performed his hit song, “Last Last,” which he recently revealed is a break-up song, the lady who was initially singing along and enjoying the rhythm got emotional and shed uncontrollable tears.

She grabbed her head while singing passionately and crying profusely, ruining her makeup.

Watch video here.

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