A tweet shared on the microblogging platform by a US-based lady has left the jaw of many internet users dropped.

She had sought the advice of internet users via the platform after sleeping with her boyfriend’s dog while he was away.

Her tweet read;

“I am a girl of 24 years and I live with my boyfriend of 28 years. We are both very sexually active and we have a very high sex drive, my boyfriend works from home and I’m also a remote worker so we’re mostly at home. We both leave with His Dog. Recently, he traveled for a seminar for 2 days. The first day I was so horny even after we had sex chat, I masturbated but it wasn’t pleasing. The second day I couldn’t take it anymore, I tried calling him but he was in a meeting even after masturbating I was still h0rny, I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend, he is a wonderful person so I had this naughty idea, didn’t know where it came from, So I drugged the Dog and made it had sex with me. I reached orgasm like it was my best sex ever. The dog’s penis was so big that I began to moan After the whole escapade I was so ashamed of myself. The next day my boyfriend came and everything went back to normal, but the sex was nothing compared with the sex with the dog. I wanted more. So anytime my boyfriend quickly steps out I drug the dog and we have wide sex… Seems the dog is getting used to it cause immediately my boyfriend leaves the house he comes straight to me. This has been going on for a month. please I think I am addicted. I love my boyfriend and I want to stop.”

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