Nigerian businessman and socialite, Emeka Okonkwo better known as E-money has taken legal action against the man who publicly claimed he was having an affair with late Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer.

The young man reportedly claimed that E-money pledged to cater for the deceased children because he was having sexual intimacy with his wife. He exclaimed that the deceased wife was involved in extramarital affair the day Jnr Pope had a boat accident.


E-money has taken legal action against the young man for defamation as he disclosed that there are more individuals. He has been arrested and is ready to face prosecution.

He shared on his Instagram page,

“I’m relieved to share that one of the individuals responsible for the character assassination against me has been apprehended by the Nigeria Police Force and will face prosecution. This is a significant step towards ending the scourge of cyber bullying.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the diligent officers of the Nigerian Police Force for their unwavering commitment to justice”

He also added that it was a significant step to end cyberbullying.

His colleagues have flooded the comment section with many commending him for taking legal action against the young man as it is becoming a norm for people to defame a public figure’s reputation.

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