Media personality, Toolz, has wondered why some people dump their single friends because they get married.

Taking to her Insta-stories, the mother of two asked if it’s so that the single friend doesn’t lead them astray.

“Why on earth would you end your friendships with your single friends because you got married? So they dint lead you astray or what?” She wrote.

This comes after a Nigerian lady narrated how her newly-married friend said she was dissociating from her and her other single friends.

@rubylaren in a post shared on Twitter, said the said friend opened a group chat to inform her single friends that she had gotten married traditionally and would be cutting some of them off.

According to her, the newly-married lady said she wants to make friends with fellow married women who can understand her current reality as a married woman.

She tweeted,

“Lol this babe just opened a groupchat to tell us now that she’s done traditional wedding, she has to stop being friends with some of us as she now needs to associate with “fellow married friends who can relate to her reality” than us. I quietly left the group amidst the chaos.”

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