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Ebonyi Lawmaker To Linda Ikeji: “Humble Yourself If You Want A Man To Marry You”


Ebonyi state Lawmaker popularly known as Afikpo Chic, Hon Maria Ude Nwachi has called out popular blogger Linda Ikeji over recent statements made by the blogger that she can’t marry a poor man.


The lawmaker who considers Linda’s statement an affront on humanity, said Linda should know that no condition is permanent. According to her, Linda can’t have it both ways and must learn to humble herself if she truly wants to find a man who will marry her. Below is what she wrote..


‘Linda, you cannot have it both ways.

I personally did a lot of damage control for Linda Ikeji when it was alleged she said; she can buy any man with her money. I sincerely did not believe she can utter such; as I could not imagine any reasonable human being saying such. I defended her with all my might. I Paid Facebook and Google to boost and promote the article I took my time to create, image-making style, in order to squash that allegation. Remember, I do not know her in any shape. Never met her. Never spoken with her. I know her the same way millions do, via the fact that she is famous blogger. I Just did it from my heart; for I see her as a role model to women and youths. And I did not want such dent on her image.

Recently, power-blogger, Linda Ikeji, told an interviewer that she can never marry a poor man. Hear her: “No, I can’t marry a poor guy and I’m being honest about it. He doesn’t have to be rich but let him be successful in his own way. When I was 30, my standards were extremely high. Now, I have only three criteria. He must be successful. He must be a good man in the sense that he has to be very supportive of what I do. If he tries to stifle me, I’m out. The third one, is the one that likes to eat groceries well (laughs).”n

On her latest statement, I do not agree with her at all. Firstly; a rich man is nothing but a poor man with money. And; no condition in life is ever permanent.

The scariest thing for a man to hear is not even the one of her saying she can’t marry a poor man, it is the one she says that she would be out if a man tries to stifle her. Then she better just create the man from scratch. Because there is no man, especially African man, that will not attempt to stifle his wife every now and then.

That innocuous utterance has already sent strong signals to those successful men she is seeking that they better go and marry someone that will not attempt to wear the trouser at home with them; and not her. It also indicates to those successful men she wants that she will never be submissive in anyway to them; that she no send and is ready for a divorce at any given time. She is basically preempting divorce even before marriage.

The major reason men, especially African men are working hard to be successful is so they can get that woman they want, that will give them a peaceful home, and the leeway to be the oga of the house. Why would a man go through it all to make it only to marry a woman who is going to become the man of the house with him.

Important: A man is a man, poor or rich. No man with his head in intact, will be okay for a woman to control him. Even if the woman is richer than money itself. It will not happen. Even the poorest man on earth would rather be eating his Indomie in peace than to be controlled by any woman. This applies even in the civilized world. This not about pride, this is human nature.

On money: Being rich, poor or broke is not a permanent state of being. Moreover; money is not the be all and end all of life. Some people are very rich today not just by hard work but by force of universe which can also be interpreted as grace. Let us not dismiss people based on their current condition. Moreover, he only thing constant in life is change.

Hear Linda, “I keep telling people. It’s not that men are scarce. They are not scarce. The type of men that some of us are looking for are scarce. If I want to get married next week, I can. I want a man that I can look up to. Somebody that inspires me, somebody that will push me, motivate me; somebody who has had some success in his own career. I’m inspired by successful people. I can’t wait to meet someone like Tyler Perry.”

Now let us talk about the definition of success. According to her, she wants to marry a successful man, but the man does not have to be rich. This is a huge oxymoron (an epigrammatic effect, by which contradictory terms are used in conjunction).

Success is defined as; the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. And it does not take a genius to understand that by successful, she means a wealthy man. A man of means. Going by the example she gives as her kind of man, Tyler Perry, she has dropped all the hint any one needs to know concerning her idea of a successful man. Perry is an ultra-rich American actor, comedian, producer, director, screenwriter, playwright, author, and songwriter.

The problem i see with Linda is that she is often too open about her feelings. I will advise that in her search for a man that she should keep some of her criterias private. This is not America, this is not oyibo land where women can say and do anything with minimal or no consequence. Emotional intelligence is knowing your environment and adapting to it; especially when it comes to utterances, actions etc. It is not everything the heart conceives that must be uttered publicly.

Dear Linda, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t eat your cake and have it too. Being a very successful woman in Nigeria, you must be willing to compromise when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. You might not be a girl, due to your high level, a man can tell what to do or what not to do, but you must not say such out loud, you must give vibes that you can be told what to do by your man, you must do your best to show them the utmost respect, the most respect you can muster to give them. You are going to have to eat humble pies for your man many a times. And it is okay my darling, it will take nothing away from you. Let the man to feel he is in control. You must try and do that. It is not an option, it is necessary.

By your success alone, you have made many men feel a bit less manly, and so to even rub it in by reading them riot acts to them, is an overkill. Humility is a natural gift, those who are humble by nature will remain humble even if they become the richest on earth. But humility can be learned too, in dealing with the opposite sex you will need a mighty doze of humility, nnem, learn it if by force biko. Always remember that a man is a man is man is a man. Respect matter to a man; no matter his status and class. Linda, in the end you will have the last laugh, when you are running around with your cute kids doing one or two things and your hubby by your side. When you are compromising and eating them humble pies, think of your family (your own kid/s and man) and it will all be worth it.

By virtue of you being a very successful woman, African woman for that matter, no matter who you marry, it is not going to be easy. But if you do your math properly, do some adjustments and amendments, you won’t have any regrets. Life as we know it is not a bed of roses for anyone, if you have this, you might not have that, so it’s all about compromise and middle-ground.

You are a very public figure. Your public utterances must be guided. By virtue of your rag to riches success story; you have become an involuntary role model to many; including me. You are intelligent but you need to take a class on emotional intelligence. Be very mindful of your public statements please. I wish you more success in life. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Maria Ude Nwachi (Afikpo Chic).
#BCEL – Best Chic Ever Liveth (Nwanyi Afikpo)’.

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Comments 320

  1. Hmmmmmmmm disgrace

  2. Ma Ri An says:

    Tell d mumu o
    Be waiting for 500m ode oshi

  3. Linda has no brain talking shit always

  4. If she like make she day humble if she make she day rude its for only for those that notice her..

    Who she epp

  5. Ahiaba Joe says:

    That’s just the gospel truth
    Maybe by dat way she can look attractive

  6. Na Character be d koko

  7. She believe she has money, forgetting dat money without husband or children is useless.

    • Only in my tribe, not in America or other countries where baby mama dey flourish

    • @Emmanuel Withus, the beauty part of marriage is that d woman add d husband’s name to hers, is there any baby mama dat answer d man’s name other than her father’s?

    • Only in Africa or south east, study Americans well on that

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      Is the husband name that took her to where she is today @ asuquo

    • @Ajoku Chika, we r discussing marriage, not success.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      If she choose to stay single or she have the kind of guy she wants is her decision and let’s respect that she is not married doesn’t mean suitors are not coming to her

    • mr emmanuel,,,african silly and obsolete tradition don finish you,,how about women who got killed by so called husbands who have their names attached?

    • Uwem Akpan says:

      You Promise Stephen Jw ,why are you anticipat bad things

    • @Promise Stephen, u sound somehow, haven’t u heard where women killed men too? With all d so called killings, are people no longer married?

    • @Ajoku, women shouldn’t be too selective, if a man propose to u, involve God & ask Him for direction, don’t say YES bcos d man is wealthy, I’ve seen couples dat started with nothing, today they have almost everything & are happily married, some of u are too selective that’s why u end up marrying d wrong person.

    • Noah Daniel says:

      Every little thing,I hear some folk talk about America,what is America?this is mental slavery.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      We all have our life to live am not hear to discuss other people life affair after all we all have our own ugly side fix urs and lets others fix theirs is non of anyone’s business is she marries or not

    • @Ajoku Chika, if u weren’t here to discuss other people’s affairs, why did u comment? U should have read d comments & logout.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      And who are u to take it personal, her family member or friend, u reach her level go and do something important today is Tuesday that means a working day or u have no job to do, if u have something important go and attend to it instead of discussing someone that doesn’t know something like u exist. U are married and yet u can’t take care of ur family, ask her to lend u some money which will enable u to start some thing in other to earn a living bcus I can see that a full grown man like u is jobless by this time of the day, get urself busy with something reasonable than this, u are just wasting ur time here. Married man indeed.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      Emmanuel asuquo am referring to u don’t mention my name again

    • @Ajoku Chika, u are a very useless idiot, when brilliant people comment on issues, senseless people like u should not join, i know u live in brothels that’s why marriage is far from ur calendar, prostitution pays no good, only a foolish man will take ur chaff after u might have finish urself with different men, only God knows how many men u’ve infected with different diseases. Useless thing.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      Emmanuel u cannot take good care of urself talk more of ur family I just found out u are just one hopeless animal that has poverty written all over him. low class like u, second hand citizen for that matter. U look hungry have u eaten since three days now gosh, u are poor and at the same time a wizard. Linder ikeji is a lady but have achieved so many things in her life, is guys like that their wife beat at home. Come and wash my clothes I will pay u well and the money will also enable to feed urself for like one week from now.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      Look at barrow pusher telling a millionaire how to live her life, what’s ur business with her life if she choose to stay single do u have a problem with that or u want to wash plate for her on her wedding day, don’t worry u will get the job after all u are jobless, real men don’t discuss women is a lunatic like u that sit at one kaikai joint and be discussing about women, I can even perceive ur mouth an body odour from her ugly thing

    • @Ajoku Chika, it’s a pity u don’t know me, am working & Federal Government is paying heavily, as a student, how much do u have? U can’t even feed urself u want to give me money, that which u are searching for, I’ve gotten mine years back, i served when u were in primary school, If u need financial help from me, come out plain.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      Hahaha @ Emmanuel not only federal government even international government u are just a borrow pusher they sacked u from ur former post as a gateman that is why u are angry at life now, u don’t have to hate single ladies bcus ur boss that got u sacked is a single lady, who are u to blame none than urself African monkey like u fool

    • @Ajoku Chika, i know u like me, stop pretending, after all, am single.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      U are just a fool @ 40 which means a fool forever are u tired bring it on am here to give u what u deserve APC servant like u

    • What do u mean…. APC servant?

    • @ Ajoku Chika, Come lets go for launch, I’ll be back @ 1:30 pm, u can drop ur comment(s), I’ll reply whenever i login.

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      Lunch am sure is bread and pure water, no wonder u have tumor in ur stomach have u taken balance diet for once in ur entire life?? Go and enjoy ur leftover food

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      U are APC servant all u do is carry broom trekking from street to another shouting APC for life, while the real mean in APC sit at office and enjoy themsrlves, they will gather twenty of u and give u people #2000 and yet u will still fight over it bcus I knw u own share is just #200 maga 40 and mugu 70 like u

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      Lunch am sure is bread and pure water, have u eaten balance diet for once in ur entire life, no wonder u developed tumor in ur stomach, go and eat ur leftover food and continue ur barrow pushing.

    • @Ajoku Chika, am back from launch, send ur account number to me,let me see what i can do, i know u are hungry & as a student, u depend on 0:0:1 not 1:1:1

    • Ajoku Chika says:

      What are mine even doing exchanging words with a poverty descendant like u. I forgot I just pass through a notice now they said mortuary attendant needed u know u can do the job very well after all u look scary I don’t even hate u because u are useless I hate u more bcus u are ulgly he goat am sure u come from the family of apes

    • @Ajoku Chika, I’ve close for d day, responding to ur senseless & useless comments is of no benefit, i control people are far better than u a million times, d respect i earned is too high for me to degrade it before a small idiot like u who can’t even bathe well, i therefore decide not to reply ur comments again. We are not in d same level, fullstop

  8. Adol Nedu says:

    This is absolutely spot on.

  9. Linda lack igbo gene, she doesn’t behave as one….I don’t know how possible it will be if I tell God not to enrich women until they get married……any bad mouth

  10. Wow! Reading this lawmaker’s epistolary on how Linda should express her feelings about marriage publicly is making me dizzyanyway what she is advising is majorly true but it’s obvious Linda wants to end up with someone like herself(in the male form) and she can’t help but publicly express it ( tho it’s bringing or giving room to all manners of judgement )anyway beautiful Linda, May u find what or who u are seeking

  11. She no even fine

  12. Chinye M Oba says:

    That Pickin own don pass na. Make una 4get am abeg.

  13. Yes nice advise but not just to her but to all ladies cos some of us here can form more than rotten loaf leading them from one pastor to the other at the end…Humbleness rocks..

    • Queen Ndidi says:

      Its a pity for ladies to sound like marriage is an achievement

    • @ queen then stay single that will be the best for you.

    • Uwem Akpan says:

      Hmmmmmmm! Bird of a feather

    • Sana Chinasa says:

      Cathyman Mico Ngene and Uwem Akpan, I wonder why a lady staying single should bother you more than the ladies or is there anything you stand to lose? Why not let the women worry about it?

    • I smell lesbianism here

    • The Holy book says “He that finds a wife finds a good thing n obtains favour from the lord”

    • @Victor James i thought u were matured enough to reply a comment with the subject mata,theres no call for Lesbianism here bro..ur reply shows ure obsessed wid them

    • @Victor you need to act ur age and not ur girl’s age…stop the lesbiansm comments!!!

    • Sunday kundul read matthew 19:10-12,
      Those who can afford to stay single should.

    • Noah Daniel says:

      I hate all these lesbianism talks..its actually dirty.

    • Bobby Desmond am not surprise that you’re coming directly at me…..u wouldnt want me to make mention of lesbianism….ofcourse birds of a feather will always flock together……I just aired my view and am not stopping u from being gay…OK?

    • @Victor_James
      no disrespect to CoBahms but ur last name ”Asuquo” shows that u are spiritually and physically blind…so whats the point in arguin with a blind man how he looks?…

    • Victor James Asuquo I don’t blame you, as if u are not surrounded by lez or act silly with them, why are you talking out of the main issue u really need a sense upgrade.. Got dat gayllucious pu

    • Hmmmm… Feeling disappointed at some people’s comments. I guess ever1 is entitled to his opinion, good or bad.

    • @ Sana Chinasa i was never bothered and can never be it was an advice notting atteched sweetheart.

    • Ladies and gentlemen pls let stop all these we are not here to attack each other on issues we are not benefiting anything 4rm.

    • I guess the lawmaker advised Linda cos she’s single but wants to get married. And Felistar Chy made the comment to the single ladies who wants to be married too. I don’t see why that should bring about all these names calling

    • Thanks Godwin Sunday,dont mind some goats like Victor James Asuquo who can’t read and understand the smalles part of English diverting from one angle to the other without thinking may God have mercy on u

    • Haba Itz Felistar Chy that’s not fair nau abge e don do.

    • This is the only way Nigerians exercise their right as citizens, but when it’s comes to come out in person to exercise that ur right they run backward. When a set of person who is breeding for lack of development and hungry in his or her stomach including no money in the bank with all the dramatic government system then post, we disturb ourselves, let us think rightly.

    • Bobby Desmond and Itz Felistar Chy I guess u people are suffering from gross dementia cause if u were not, u would have taken time to know the person I was directing my first comment to…..well, I guess u people are still growing

    • Hmmmm….. Its kinda cul here! Just basin by though!

    • Abegi Victor James Asuquo what have you grown to be?

    • All women belong to Kitchen o. That is your first calling. Every other things na Jara. Civilization has spoil everything women now want to compare themselves with men. For those agitating for women equality, the consequences is that man and woman can now fight freely in any little argument, Free for all fight.. In a layman terms.

    • I cover myself with d blood of Jesus I do not belong to d kitchen only went dia to cook so I come against dat ur statement with d blood of Jesus no woman belongs to d kitchen @Ogba Slyvester

    • Who’s these one? Lol

    • Ogba Sylvester maybe ur mum n sisters belonged to d kitchen n other room and that’s their job for life. Other Reasonable women re trying to make a living take care of their family too. U re still talking lyk a primitive boy dat u re.

  14. Ify Osuji says:

    Tell her that!

  15. If she can’t find a man then she don’t have option. CUCUMBER

  16. Thank u madam tell her to pray for a good one and to stop unnecessarily selecting from a list of nobody.

  17. Sometimes the way people sounds on d outside is diff from whom they re on the inside. And our understanding differs. Every girl have wot they want in their man, so don’t kill her cos she made hers open.

  18. That goes to what I said earlier when she was stating her high quality of man she wants and one bitch tried to say against it. No she should not humble herself until those deaf spirit and pride spirits stop doing soft work on her then her eyes will open like the stock fish. Okporoko in Igbo language.

  19. Make una leave her alone, dat s her choice of life..

  20. Nelly Chika says:

    whether poor or rich just pray for dat mr right cause it will be bad thing that one will marry someone that’s not made for him/her even if u are rich u can still make d poor man rich cause marriage is all about love nd happiness

    • My name sake which one is Mr right or Mr wrong?all men re okay depending on ur perspective if u marrys Mr wrong as u said u draw him 2 ur right hand which makes him Mr right.

  21. So many bitterleafs here worrying about linda getting married or not , even if she doesn’t get married at 100, how does it affect the price of bag of rice , u people better double ur hustles and leave the woman alone. Is she ur sister ?? Christmas is near o and instead of u people to worry about what u can afford for your families in this buhari period , u are here typing rubbish , atleast she is helping young Nigerians find their feet , who have u helped ???

  22. Wait a minute let me ring God maybe He can speak from heaven to advice her or better still leave me a voice message to deliver to Linda Ikeji

  23. She thought money is everything, any man who has that kind of money she said her dream man must have wouldn’t marry a mannerless cunt like her. Let her go fuck her money

  24. That’s the best advice for her.

  25. Don’t just humble ur self…let it be u…

  26. She messed it all up,even if she humble herself,its already in pretence cs d bitch in her must stir up unknowingly. #kikiki

  27. Nuel Ebuka says:


  28. Tell her o, I read the interview my self n I could only see arrogance oozing out from her.

  29. My mentor use 2 say & tel us a woman
    ws takn 4rm d man & needs a man in her live whl man ws takn 4rm d ground .so submission is all it takes not
    arrogancy or pride.

  30. Yes ooo,good advice,humility is a virtue and it pays…..Money is good but it’s not everything…

  31. Why is Linda’s own different? Because I believe singles have the right to say this is the kind of man or woman I want to marry. Guess I didn’t see anything wrong with what she said. Just free her, if she sees her kind to marry fine, and if she did not see none of you or mine business.

  32. Beef

  33. She is enslaved to money,fame, wealth and material things which don’t really stand the test of time.

  34. By the time she gets to 45 she go dey beg

  35. Good advice

  36. Some times I wonder why people can’t just mind their business. Leaving the present condition in the country and busy interfering into someone else business.

  37. I need a beautiful, educated, tall and fair in complexion lady (for d sake of my children) for a serious relationship dat will lead to marriage in lagos.

  38. Tell her ooo if not she go old 4 dia yeye

  39. Flora Sidney says:

    She will never find a good man mark my word

  40. Nooo leave and let her remain on her high horse

  41. Queen Ndidi says:

    Taaaaaaaaaa! You know how many men that are dying to get her attention??? Una no just get sense.

    • Same to u

    • Uwem Akpan says:

      She sounded like cocumba productions .14yrs nothing less

    • Babe u have a point…..I am married yes. I respect my husbaNd yes..but Nigerians should wake up from this their 1704 way of thinking. A woman’s happiness is not solely tired down on being married or single…it’s about be what u want to be and living happy. Marriage is also not about sex cos I don’t know y some men will relate to any single lady as “cucumber”. The retarded way most of our men talk these days i think thats the problem we are having in this country. Can’t men be reasonable and responsible responsible like my hubby?….

    • Queen Ndidi says:

      Most men lost their brain before they wia born eg Uwem Akpan

    • Uchechi Rosemary Onyeka d 1708 reasonin dat keeps ur marriage for a very long time n d western culture u ppl now want practice in which their own marriage last only for 2years or some even months which one is better. Queen Ndidi u keep jumpin from one comment to anoda insultin ppl, cant u just b civilized like wat u claimed to b?

  42. Tell her incase she doesn’t know, or else, her spinsterhood just started.

  43. Absolutely, Linda you need to come down from that Carmel, just like Rebecca in the Bible, if really you want to marry.

  44. Ma pls tell her….

  45. But I don’t believe that Men, in fact Mens have not been approaching her for marriage..
    Linda is Rich, Strong, Intelligent, and Beautiful.
    These qualities alone are enough to attract men queuing for her.

    She should kindly do something about it cos I personally want her to marry soon.
    May God bless her with a good husband.

  46. She’s old don’t tell her.

  47. Chioma Luke says:

    I dont think dis linda is frm Ibo land. U ar a disgrace to us

  48. No she thinks wit all her money she will control d man she’s gonna marry

  49. Aside being humble, all this talk about my man should be this or that, sex sex sex should limit. A woman should hv her freedom but our African ladies should not compare themselves with Whites when money and fame is around.

  50. Na she go tire.

  51. She nor go still here…..till she attain monuporse

  52. When she enters what next,u people knows what you are doing

  53. Diana Okpere says:

    True talk

  54. Hafsat Usman says:

    Yes,you are in the spirit.

  55. Ezra Opra says:


  56. point of correction. “Humble yourself if you want a responsible and sane man to marry you”

    “…a man…” can be ANY man

  57. E go hard her to settle…our ladies dis days are desperate yet proud, the few humble ones are settling down

  58. Tosin Mowo says:

    This babe go old for house o

  59. a beg don’t advice the she goat o

  60. All d babes here supporting linda r equally nt married. The marriagable materials n d married 1c here r nt supporting some of her actions .

  61. True talk she thinks she can buy marriage as she said but my sister no no no no

    Be loyal humble and talk less

  62. Uj Cisca says:

    Exactly Afikpo chick Tell her ooooo

  63. Kelvin Ezeh says:

    Linda, she is attention seeker!!!

  64. Shebi WizKid proposed to her, she said No

  65. Linda Uche says:

    Wetin concern you

  66. They should leave this lady alone what is all these. As an adult, Linda knows what she wants. Haba oginidi

  67. Fock maria for her advice, s she maried? Dat means she her self s nt humble. Maria dnt hv d pedigree for our young girls/ladies as role model to look up to in terms of successful marriage or woman.

  68. Noah Daniel says:

    I don’t think anyone hate Linda,but any woman of her age not married is a thing of concern to all..just that i smell pride in her,maybe she thinks money is everything,but there’s something more than money.

  69. SA, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, USA for visa assistance contact me on 08038361455

  70. If woman too get money she nor dey fit control herself, d money control her n dat leads to pride

  71. Maturity is by mind nt by age!none is perfect bt at least respect ur self,if wat u re lookin for is nt coming ,hang up wit a guy den get pregnant train de child by urself, if am in ur shoe dats wat I will do,instead of u marrying today den divorce tomorrow, jxt prove to de world u can carry 9months n put to birth also simple

  72. Imagine some one who is not married advising or given another person tips for marriage

  73. Rose Gilbert says:

    but how much way Linda get saf way una no go let mi here word the last time i check the richest woman in African and Nigeria her na name to near any. una one kill these gir, is she the only single lady how about Rita Dominic that is even older then her she no get peace

  74. “Being rude 2 your suitor will only earns you more days in your father’s house”

  75. Noah Daniel says:

    Its humility and submissiveness to a man that makes a woman attractive to a man,not money or fame.This is why your man don’t notice that beautiful hairdo,new dress,even perfume when the woman is proud..I see a lot of proud women commenting here.

  76. Nelson Jojo says:

    Is her father a rich man?

  77. I pray she heeds…

  78. That is Nkwere peoples in imo state life style, until they get to 50 b4 they realized their self, too much pride and effiz

  79. Jus Kris says:

    oh this lady is amazing, very diplomatic. i love this lady for this..A man is Aman rich or poor. that’s why some times it looks like women are senseless what a fuckery statement? a rich man will humbly marry a very poor gal or a gal that comes from poor family and love her treat her right with respect.. has any one of us heard men say I can’t marry a poor gal?? hell no. we don’t say fuckery thin like, only senseless gals do

    • Yes my dear. I hv come across so many men. I said so “many men” who said they won’t marry any lady that will not be capable of shouldering financial responsibilities with them. For goodness sake u r talking about 21st century men.

    • Jus Kris says:

      u termed it” financial responsible” he didn’t say he won’t a poor lady or lady who is not rich.. Is a normal thing for a lady to assist in financial issues in the family, that doesn’t mean a man is no longer a man, a man saying he needs A wife who can help finance is not wrong statement to compare a lady saying that she won’t marry a man who is not rich and also who would want to control her as a wife.. Is totally disturbing. tnx

  80. Why are you advising her? Let her continue to be arrogant……. U go know say men are scarce like fuel….. Responsible husbands are expensive like rice…..

  81. A rich man may not be appointed to her from God to marry……true talk from d lawmaker

  82. Rose Gilbert says:

    And maria are u married better go fix light for afikpo before i come oo as u dey live your work go put mouth matter way no concern u

  83. All Shakara na SHILOH em day end put…
    U see them going to SHILOH for marriage miracles….
    Wen they have passed thier age….they seek the face of God… They are very lucky we have a merciful God who loves us beyond our imagination

  84. why is the advice coming fro ebonyi law makers, or is she from ebonyi state?

  85. But she is too old it’s only a poor man can marry her so they marriage can last

  86. Brie Taylor says:

    Excaly,You win advice of the year!!!

  87. Mary Danmoul says:

    Lol to linda

  88. Peter Ejiga says:

    Fantasies ……. Wishes of a naive woman .

  89. Amara Linus says:

    To me ooo, don’t bite me is my humble opinion, I didn’t see anything wrong in what Linda said, I mean successful don’t necessarily mean being wealthy, a successful man in his on field can be a young man dat understands it all, a man with set out goals and potentials to achieve dem,a man with a normal account balance that kws his duties despite his wife begin rich, a man dat kws his Woman has right and not just someone at his Beck and call, success don’t really mean excess money, so if she says successful man probably she is talking of dis criteria, besides a woman of her standard takes time in getting married cos some men can be funny,especially when d wife is richer u see him directing every little thing to d fact she is richer she now neglect him

  90. Good morning every one

  91. Oh menh, when has it become a crime for some1 to know wat she wants and has to courage to voice it out? Linda said her man must be rich and good in bad. Now tell me how many of y’all needs a broke Nigga as a hubby.? She knows wat she has been through in the cause of trying to make it in life and probably y’all xpects her to just go to one lazy guy who couldn’t hustle hard like his fellow men, hell no….
    Let me ask again, if a guy says he wouldn’t marry an ugly, unskilled, unromantic gal, Wil y’all prosecute him? Probably no. But because she is a lady that knows wat she wants and doesnt give shit about wat y’all think, every1 wants her head.
    My candid advice to the ladies here is , if u dnt know wat u want….. U Wil end up not knowing when wat u want shows up…… So been specific isn’t a sin….. Y’all watch and see what becomes of her soon… #lovelinda#

  92. So many wako people on Facebook posting wako comments and giving wako advice to wako patient …..wako

  93. Mind ur business!!!!!!!!!!.. It will help u live longer!!!!!!

  94. Neny Maureen says:

    Is marriage by force. U shouldn’t live a life of pretence simply because u want to marry. Live ur life the way u are so that if anybody sees u and like u, it means he has accepted everything about u

  95. She go marry oyinbo.

  96. why na dey worry who na sef she no wan marry

  97. do celeb like her wil ever b humble

  98. Everyone don turn advisers. Must we comment on someones opinion. Is her life

  99. Yeah that’s true, she always see herself like a gold buy she is not, what makes me hate her is that, she said she can not marry a poor guy. Nonsense

  100. Dats just d real fact,uve gat to be humble or remain single for ever and no one will enter ur other room only u will be there

  101. Tejiri Dede says:


  102. What’s not been humble about what she says? That’s her choice for a husband. I see humility in that. Do you want her to lie? Or wish for lazy, no job, broke ass men? Truth be told, some of the men today are lazy. They tend to wait for their women to do all the money bringing stuffs while they squander. She says, she does not want them, how does that portray her otherwise? I pray she finds her heart desire.

  103. Madam pls go and sit down. D babe dey talk her mind so how does it affect d wholes in ur own pant. Law maker my foot

  104. Work hard if you wanna be like Linda ikeji

  105. Yes, you are saying the truth, but some men don’t need humbly person.

  106. Tell her

  107. Thankgod na her fellow woman talk am, a word is enough for her.

  108. Say good bye to broke ness and poverty with just a token of _, _6k with I charity club income be financially free instead of blaming the government always join the winning team what’s up /08085784524

  109. She can do without well-intentioned advice. Humility, it does appear, is beneath her. That’s what fame and fortune does to okapi.

  110. Chima Justin says:

    thats a total lie!!!! She knows what she wants

  111. U dey hear abi, Linda, Linda, Linda how many times I call u?

  112. She never needed a man all she need is money.

  113. A lengthy word of advice unfortunately for a person with a flawed perception about marriage. Save it for the young and innocent.

  114. Rachel Mark says:

    YES dats true

  115. Rachel Mark says:

    Men hate proud women

  116. Rubbish is marriage an achievement…

  117. Well said a word is enough for the wise, she never ask Linda to marry a poor guy in life we all need adjust in one area or the other

  118. What makes Linda to be considered not humble?

  119. for her pocket, who she epp?

  120. The spirit of money is actually in control for now . She’s still in awe of her success so allow her

  121. To all the ladies out there,,,,, true talk ma.

  122. Plz plz u ppe sld let linda be,if she has money is it ur money.plz mind ur biz she says what she require from a man hw does dat affect d lady dat is advising.mrs advisers b honest to ur self wounld u want a broke ass nigga for a man.lazy jobless women

  123. Linda i admire u so much and God wil bless u according to ur hrt desire,age is jst a number marry late bt marry d right person

  124. No mind her.. She’s looking for a handsome and well to do man..she go old for junction.

  125. Dan Goodness says:

    Then after the marry you can now show up your real character abi? God punish devil .

  126. Learn to paddle ur own canoe adviser.

  127. Strong women intimidate weak men. But Linda is not ready, judging from her criteria weeks ago. When you fall in love that is sufficient for you to get married, nothing else will matter in this world. You will be willing to live with the basics and enjoy that loving relationship that puts a smile on your face.

  128. See who is talking about humble
    As if ur life is better

  129. Nancy Igweze says:

    Lol.. pot calling the kettle black ,Maria ude nwachi, aka Afikpo chic is single too.

  130. Udoh Naomi says:

    Pls tell her..its like she never sabi anything

  131. Abioooooo.

  132. God bless you ebonyi lawyer. Good talking

  133. Are you even sure she is really ready to get married am not sure, tell her she doesn’t know she thinks she is growing younger, tell her she is growing old…

  134. Toby Brown says:

    dis goes out to so many women out there. don’t be too emotional to learn. she just said the perfect truth.

  135. Mary Kpengwa says:

    Who told you she wants someone to marry her now. Why do u always teach women to see marriage as been the most important. Linda is making her money without the aid of a man nd u guys re here sayin all sort of nonsense.

    How abt men who re arrogant, what do u say to them? Its high time u guys start seeing women as humans too abeg

  136. Ibux Ibuz says:

    nice thinking

  137. Valentine says:

    Na idiot she be @Linda ikeji…
    she must die single

  138. Yes humble yourself

  139. plz for heaven sake let her be,HABA.

  140. What’s she looking for again in marriage at her menopause?

  141. All this long epistle on top linda’s head! This law maker has strength

  142. only 2 out of 10 men will Marry a rich woman out of love. but the rest, na the woman money nd fame dem they find! gosh some men re gold diggers

  143. Gud piece of advice… Humidity brk barriers..

  144. She can marry herself na

  145. That sh*t is too old, try again… Humility is for good,tolerant men…

  146. See is better u talk into her senses bcs marriage is not by competition. Linda lower ur pride so that u can find a good husband. Very soon God will locate u and gives u ur heart desire.

  147. Wole Adebayo says:

    confirm,i pray she listen and realize on time,her own too much and nah naija cos am

  148. Please is being single a crime? If she doesn’t get married so what. She is not going to go crying from gate to gate for that reason. Please free her. Getting married to just anybody in the name of being married, is really worth it?

  149. Isu John says:

    Me i say na those mumu oyibo go marry linda make we bet! 1m?

  150. Yacub Salih says:

    She buy plenty cucumber…no man can tame her bloated ego.

  151. David Kamau says:

    After being humble you peel your skin to your true colours…madafaka….

  152. Who told you men need humble women now? They fucking cheat on the humble ones and go for hoes to wife. Abegiiii

  153. Tell them, the foolish ones refused to know the truth. U can’t eat ur cake and have it.

  154. Very good i desire dat tell them fr me gud shul

  155. na crime to marry rich man???….abeg make una leave her it’s her choice

  156. No she will money herself

  157. Adaobi Uka says:


  158. she go gree?

  159. SHE see say she don’t d old now she d take style d find husband baaaa

  160. Micheal says:

    Thats why I always respect this woman, so humble.
    And to Linda ikeji… Let her try it and see… Recently we hard of actors going for divorce… At least if that’s het aim to never have resting home she should go for her choice…. Women need to know it doesn’t come 💯 percent the way dey want it

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