Ebube Nwagbo replies

Delectable Actress, Ebube Nwagbo has replied a troll, a fan actually who said her hips are fake. The 34-year-old Nollywood Actress immediately made it known to the troll that her hips are real, and she understands why she’s hating on her.

The troll who begged the actress to stop wearing artificial “heep’s” got the below reply from her.

She said: “You wish they ain’t real… It’s REAL darling.. If i were you, I’ll hate me too..”

Ebube Nwagbo replies

Meanwhile, Ebube also lent her voice to the cases of Domestic violence that seem to have become rampant on Social Media.

The actress stated the she does not understand why a grown woman would want to to stay in an abusive relationship.

She also reiterated that emotional, verbal and physical violence are all forms of domestic violence and anyone caught in that situation should flee for their lives. She wrote:

“I don’t know why a grown up woman will choose to stay in an abusive relationship/marriage… Wtf.. All becos you want to stay married/situationship! No man has the right to touch a woman whether married or not”.

Being in an abusive relationship isn’t only when he hits you. Emotional abuse, Verbal, Physical abuse are all forms of abuse.. amongst others..Flee For Ur Life,Sanity..And Self Worth!!, #HeDoesn’tDeserveU. People will Be in Situationships and Be Claiming Relationship.Marriage. #HeDoesntDeserveU#”, she added.

Shout Out To Every Strong Woman that had the courage and strength to leave an abusive relationship/marriage …U are the true definition of a Strong Woman. The Lord Will Always Be Our Strength. So Help Us God..

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