Electrical Package stands for EP…This of course is according to our darling Seyi Shay! The singer goofed big time when she appeared on HIP TV’s Trending which is hosted by Nancy Isime. When she was asked the meaning of an E.P. you would not believe what she said?

She confidently flipped her weave back & said, “Obviously EP…Electric Package!”

Yes, Seyi has been trending for the past few days which of course is conversing to real cash for her..

Anyhu’s Miss Seyi wants you all critics to know she’s busy making money while you all keep mocking her and making her trend.

And just incase you are wondering what an EP is: It’s used to describe a CD/recording with a small amount of songs in it (About 5) – (Electrical package) (Extended Play). While an LP is a recording with more songs (over 11). (Longer Play).

See what she posted below:


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