A young man left his girlfriend embarrassed when he publicly proposed to her without realizing he had no ring with him.

He went on his knees to ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage in a restaurant while the crowd applauded, but he was unable to locate the engagement ring.

The lady gently picked up her luggage and started to leave after the boyfriend unsuccessfully searched through all of his clothing.

Despite eyewitnesses’ pleas to just say yes to the gentleman and deal with the ring issue later, she refused to budge.

The man was still on his knees pleading with her while she walked out of the building too ashamed to speak.

Watch the video below:

In related news, a woman has called out a female Twitter user for using a picture of her hand with engagement ring to announce her ‘engagement’.

The Twitter user, with handle @symply_bomi, had taken to the micro-blogging platform on Thursday, July 28, to share the engagment picture and reveal that she’s engaged.

After the post gained traction online, the real owner of the picture, identified as @NisforNora, spotted it and called out the lady for using her hand.

“You said yes with my hands?”, she asked.

Apparently, Nora posted the beautiful picture in which she adorned her wrists with a wristwatch and bracelet along with the diamond engagement in December 2021 to announce her own engagement.

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