A touching viral video showed the moment a bride lost her calm when her brother who lived abroad showed up at her wedding ceremony.

The young lady was getting married to her sweetheart and she might have never anticipated seeing her sibling because he had been living overseas for the last six years.

The lady in the TikTok video shared by @gorgeous87_ couldn’t keep her cool when she spotted her brother at her wedding reception.

The MC had already informed her that there would be a pleasant surprise to be revealed at the event, and she waited anxiously to discover what it was, not realizing it was her brother.

When she saw him from a distance, she screamed and leaped for joy before sprinting towards him. The bride left her groom at the altar and dashed into the embrace of his brother as he entered the wedding venue.

Watch the video here:

According to the bride “…so it been 6yrs have not seen my elder brother,even when we lost our father he couldn’t show up because of the COVID19 situation🥺 so weeks to my wedding he told me he couldn’t make it anymore because Nigeria was now on the red list 😭that broke my heart because I was looking forward to see him after so many years not knowing it was all a plan🥰😘”


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