Engineer allegedly stabs

An Engineer, Haruna Emmanuel, has been accused of stabbing his wife, Victoria Emmanuel, and son for refusing to return home due to domestic violence.

Victoria had reportedly been subjected to domestic abuse by her husband since they got married 16 years ago, and she moved out of their Kaduna home in December 2021 after he almost strangled her to death.

On Friday, May 27, Haruna paid a visit to Victoria at her new residence under the pretense of taking his children with him. However, when he got there, he started begging Victoria to return home with him but she refused and asked him to sign an undertaking first.

Engineer allegedly stabs

He was infuriated by her demand, then brought out a knife and stabbed her on the chest and other parts of her body.

During the attack, their son intervened to protect his mom, but Haruna reportedly stabbed him in the stomach too.

Speaking from her hospital bed, Victoria speaking in an interview with Punch said,

“My son that went with my husband ran back panting and sweating. Shortly his father appeared and started begging me for forgiveness, I told him that I had forgiven him, but can’t stay with him. I was about to walk out when he grabbed me from behind and held me by the neck; he had a knife with him and stabbed me in my right chest with force and shouted, ‘Die!’

“He removed the knife and stabbed me in my left and right hands. He also targeted my neck, but I managed to dodge it. He stabbed me in the back. My son was shouting and begging him not to kill me.

“Neighbours were trying to open the door, but they couldn’t. My son summoned courage to push him away. He used the knife on my son’s stomach. The boy narrowly dodged another attempt to stab him before neighbours came to our rescue.”

Haruna is said to currently be on the run and has not been seen since the incident.

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