A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share how a little boy struggled to express himself in English language after engaging in a fight with an older colleague in school.

Sharing on TikTok, the man, who identifies as @dackdiamon shared a video of the little boy crying while on his knees, explaining what transpired between him and the other student.

In the trending video, the boy recounted the event of how he was insulted and bullied by an older boy few days back. The little boy also added that an elderly woman hit him after he was warned to stay away from a particular place.

The little boy found it difficult to express himself fluently as he keeps making grammatical error. While explaining he tried to convey his emotions in his Hausa dialect but the man couldn’t comprehend so he instructed him to express himself in English.

However, the man lectured the little boy to be respectful and also commended him for speaking the truth about the incident.

The video has ignited lot of speculations with social media users, with many criticizing the man for compelling the little boy to speak English language while others noted that English language is not Africa’s mother tongue.

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