Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has chimed in on media personality Toke Makinwa’s disclosure about her unfaithful ex.

“That one time I caught my ex cheating on me, he said I was the wife and she was only the girlfriend and I should act appropriately. I let him continue cheating in peace as long as I was number 1” Toke Makinwa’s post read.

The mother-of-one commented on Toke’s post, recounting a similar tragedy she endured at the hands of her ex-husband.

According to Etinosa, she found a condom with her ex, but he said it was for his friend, and she believed him.

She also mentioned that he had a history of cheating on her, but she is grateful that he protected her from sexually transmitted diseases.

Read her comment here:

“Na so I see condom with my ex. Baba said his colleagues gave him to hold. We were trying to conceive so it definitely wasn’t his. Me mumu I believed him.
Nigga was cheating from day one of the sham of a marriage. Condom everywhere. Our house, our cars, his wallet, everywhere. Later i was grateful to him for at least protecting me from std…. Never in my life”

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