Eva Alordiah replies

Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah has replied a follower who called her out for talking about both God and sex on her Instagram page.

Eva Alordiah replies

The follower shared his reservation under one of her Instagram posts and asked her to choose a path.

He commented, “Today you’re on sex, next day you’re on God. Choose your path.”

Eva, in her response, stated that God created sex to be enjoyed and she intends to enjoy it till she dies.

“Sex was created by God to be enjoyed by all of mankind. I love to fuck and I’ll be fucking my husband till I die. Shalom.”

See the exchange below,

Eva Alordiah replies

A while ago, Eva Alordiah apprised women of the things that could possibly go wrong if they become too sexually attached to a man.

According to the rapper, who doubles as a makeup artist, such attachments can render a woman “powerless” and “needy” to their men.

Eva went on to add that it can also make a woman forget her true nature and blind her to her God-given purpose.

“You deserve better than just d*** in a relationship” she concluded.

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