Controversial Actress, Princess Shyngle, has shared what she would do if she ever gets married and feels like her husband is cheating.

The actress, who noted that she’s a jealous lover, stated that if she ever gets married and feels her husband is cheating but has not been caught, she will pay a beautiful hot lady to seduce him to confirm her suspicions.

She, however, admitted that she needs to work on her jealousy before she ever tries to date again.

In her words,

“If I ever get married and I feel my husband is cheating on me but I’ve never caught him, I will literally find a beautiful hot girl that I’ll pay to seduce him. If she succeeds, hmmmmmm, I don’t know what I will do honestly.

I’m such a freaking jealous partner when I’m in love and it sucks lol. I guess I need to work on that before I ever try to date again”.

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